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By the SquirrelMail Project Team
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### Kindly use webmail.iitb.ac.in instead of gpo.iitb.ac.in ###

Having Problem
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Phishing Warning
- Do not give your LDAP USERID & PASSWORD to anyone.
- Computer Center never asks you for such information.
- To learn more about Phishing

Online IT Agreement/Policy
- All new students, staff & faculty members must read and accept the online IT agreement/policy.
- IT services are made available to users only upon acceptance of the IT undertaking.
- It is the individual user's responsibility to read and understand the policy.
- The IT policy applies uniformly to all users of the Institute and violations will be dealt with strictly.
- To learn more about the Policy
Alternate interfaces for webmail
- Ilohamail
- Webmail-V1.0 (For post July 2018 enrolments)

Basic documentation about IIT Bombay Webmail
- General FAQs.
- Information about SquirrelMail.
- Information about IMP Webmail.

POP & IMAP Access Details
- POP Server: pop.iitb.ac.in Port: 110
- IMAP Server: imap.iitb.ac.in Port: 143
- POPS Server: pop.iitb.ac.in Port: 995
- IMAPS Server: imap.iitb.ac.in Port: 993
- SMTP Server: smtp-auth.iitb.ac.in Port: 25 Auth Method: Normal Passwd, Conn. Security: STARTTLS or TLS